Who Was Toni Rohrer?

While certainly an expert mountaineers’ paradise, San Lorenzo can also offer less expert trekkers a taste of the wilderness life. From Luis Soto and Lucy Gomez‘s home, one can hike up a relatively easy path for a few hours and emerge, suddenly, at Refugio Toni Rohrer. Idyllic and mystical, set on the fringes of the fringes of … Continue reading

San Lorenzo Massif

“We learned to make due with what we had. There were no stores to depend on.”

Endangered Species and the Patagonian Desert

02/03/2014 – Reserva Nacional Tamango – Cochrane, Chile The Patagonian desert! Is this an oxymoron? We were instantly transported back to day trekking just outside of Santiago in Central Chile. Parched, dusty, and brutal sun. No freshwater cascades to be found anywhere, an anomaly for Southern Patagonia. We were fortunate enough to cross paths with a huemul … Continue reading

Hitchhiking on the Carretera Austral

27/02/2014 – Caleta Tortel, Aysén, Chile Note: While hitchhiking is ‘dead’ in the USA, it is alive and well in the southern wilds of Patagonia. Hitchhiking is a highly accepted form of transportation, especially for those who don’t have a car. As an unintended corrollary, you can get to know fellow travelers while waiting for a … Continue reading

Revisiting a year of travel…

Hard to believe it was way back in 2014 that I traveled for the entire year. I wasn’t alone in this adventure; along with my partner in crime, P, there were countless stories of the kindness of strangers. Perhaps a mix of nostalgia, yearning, and isolation is driving me to do this, but I am … Continue reading

Hiking the O in Torres del Paine

Thanks again to We Said Go Travel for publishing this entry… from awhile ago.    

Chaiten – Apocalypse Town

Chaiten Chile Patagonia

A journey to a former disaster area – my trip to Chaiten, Chile in Patagonia documented damage from the 2008 eruption of the Volcano Chaiten.

Parque Nacional Hornopirén – Lago Pinto Concha

Parque Nacional Hornopirén

A relaxing stroll on the bank of Lago Pinto Concha in Parque Nacional Hornopirén. Also a bird was hanging out on my leg for awhile.

Parque Nacional Hornopirén – The Ascent

camping Parque Nacional Hornopirén

Parque Nacional Hornopirén presented one of the most challenging hikes I’ve ever done – A swampy, uphill 9 KM climb to Lago Pinto Concha. Stunning views and millennial alerces were the reward.

Carretera Austral – Hornopirén

After eating far too much at the curanto, I decided it would probably be a good idea to get some exercise by backpacking in Parque Nacional Hornopirén, a little traversed national park in Northern Chilean Patagonia. There are a few ways to get to the park, but we chose the by land route through Puerto … Continue reading

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