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Orquesta del Viento – Show Review from October 19, 2013

La Orquesta del Viento, an progressive Andean jazz outfit based in Santiago, Chile, took the stage on a balmy Saturday night at Thelonious jazz bar, fresh off their first international tour to deliver a rousing performance.

Street Art in Chile

I can’t help but note that many of the artists I captured seem to have been looking for an ancestral connection in their work, noticeable in the large presence of indigenous features in their characters or overall references to pre-Colombian cultures. By placing that search in the most public of places — the street — … Continue reading

Chaiten Chile Patagonia

Chaiten – Apocalypse Town

A journey to a former disaster area – my trip to Chaiten, Chile in Patagonia documented damage from the 2008 eruption of the Volcano Chaiten.

Parque Nacional Hornopirén

Parque Nacional Hornopirén – Lago Pinto Concha

A relaxing stroll on the bank of Lago Pinto Concha in Parque Nacional Hornopirén. Also a bird was hanging out on my leg for awhile.

camping Parque Nacional Hornopirén

Parque Nacional Hornopirén – The Ascent

Parque Nacional Hornopirén presented one of the most challenging hikes I’ve ever done – A swampy, uphill 9 KM climb to Lago Pinto Concha. Stunning views and millennial alerces were the reward.

Carretera Austral – Hornopirén

After eating far too much at the curanto, I decided it would probably be a good idea to get some exercise by backpacking in Parque Nacional Hornopirén, a little traversed national park in Northern Chilean Patagonia. There are a few ways to get to the park, but we chose the by land route through Puerto … Continue reading

Chiloé – Curanto – How to have a traditional curanto

What’s a curanto and how do you have one? A beautiful community based process of preparing and epic meal, traditional curantos involve fire, smoke, massive nalca leaves, searching for mariscos, and eventually eating a ton of bomb food. If you read this, you’ll be hungry.

Southern Hospitality – Chiloe

Meeting a stranger on the bus. Stranger offers to let us stay at her house. Accept. Arrive at said house. Find scene involving alcoholic, US hating uncle, and possibly hundreds of kids’ toys strew about the floor. An interesting first night in magical Chiloé, to say the least.

Torres del Paine – French Valley

One of my favorite days I have been alive – avalanches, ascents, and Patagonian Rainbow Dust in the French Valley.

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