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Questions about Santiago, Chile? Need help planning a Patagonia road trip? Want to know about hidden sights in Perú? Want to know the best place to tour a finca in Colombia?

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  1. Aunt Joan says:

    Oh Daniel….wow.

    It is a very difficult challenge for the most experienced of teachers and you have found yourself in a very tough spot. For now, teachig is te last thing on the list, surviving, the first. See if you can get the kids to focus on you through a designated sound or hand gesture and offer a reward when they do it….”when you hear the whistle, let’s sit and see who has earned the prize for listenening”. MAke it something they want as a reward. Move on to longer time periods of work related activity – always offering the reward but changing the reward. When they are focused and on task, they receive the reward. Never try to out yell them, they will always win; hence the designated and agreed upon sound that gets their attention. Never falter with the agreed upon reward. Even the wildest students often respond very well to this tactic as they are being rewarded for an expected response. Up the anty by having ‘light’ competition between student groups and recognize very briefly when behavior is off task and briefly explain [no long winded lcture] why the reward cannot be given. Light priase when the behavior expectation is reached. You are dealing with rescue puppies from the pound: no love, no appropriate discipline, no consistency, violence, neglect, etc. They need to learn to trust you and they will only try to step up to the standard when you show them they can.

    Good luck and God Bless
    Aunt Joan

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