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Police detain Journalist filming Chilean Student Protests

Today in Santiago, unauthorized student protests for a better education system once again filled the streets not only with charismatic young people, but with tear gas, filthy water, and irrational policemen. Why irrational, you say? Chilean police have just detained a Chilevision journalist who was filming the protests. See the footage of his arrest here.

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everybody. Hope you’re not melting into a puddle of sweat. Even on Cññ down here they are reporting about the “ola del calor” en los EEUU. Maybe this song will help cool you down. It’s a pretty special track from the latest Bon Iver LP. Enjoy:

Nate Oteka Henn 7/11/2010

Nate Oteka Henn Invisible Children

Hey buddy. I miss ya. Thanks for changing the world in your short time here and thanks for changing my life in the process. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without knowing you and I’m still trying to be half the person you were. I’m sure you’re doing something absurd up there in … Continue reading

Cheap Wine, Cigarettes, and Monopoly Money

$4 bottles of wine = good. Everything else so far is surprisingly expensive, almost near the same prices as DC. This might be due to the fact that I’m staying temporarily in one of the ‘swanky’ areas of Santiago, called Las Condes. Many of the abodes I’ve seen in passing do look pretty high end, … Continue reading

Turns out Chile is Chilly

So back in February I got laid off. Fired. Whatever you want to call it, I found myself jobless. Despite the initial shock, I was actually pretty excited. I had spent the previous year and a half working at jobs that were great opportunities, but not necessarily my cup of café. There’s nothing wrong with … Continue reading

Souf Dakota

Note: Musings on this trip were never completed… now that is it October I figure I should try… This entry takes place in early August: On the way to Chicago, my brother and I turned Westward for the last time in order to see yet another great American symbol: Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore is the … Continue reading

Hike to Trapper Lake, 7/28/2010

On Wednesday my brother and I decided to hike again, but we came to a consensus that another 18 mile trek might not be the best idea. We elected an easy 8 mile path that snaked along the shores of String and Leigh Lake and eventually ended up at Bearpaw and Trapper Lakes. It was … Continue reading

Yellowstone, 7/27/2010

On Tuesday my brother and I decided to forgo strenuous physical activity due to the previous day’s marathon-esque hike. We drove up to Yellowstone National Park and walked around Geyser HIll, which apparently has more geysers than anywhere else in the world combined. Sorry Iceland, Chile, Russia, and New Zealand. The smell of sulphur permeated … Continue reading

Hike to Lake Solitude, 7/26/2010

On Monday the 26th of July, Jonathan and I decided to do some hiking. And by ‘some’, I mean 18 miles. We packed our bags and started the journey a bit later than we would have liked, but it was nice to catch up on all the rest that eluded us in the preceding days. … Continue reading

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