Orquesta del Viento – Show Review from October 19, 2013

La Orquesta del Viento, an progressive Andean jazz outfit based in Santiago, Chile, took the stage on a balmy Saturday night at Thelonious jazz bar, fresh off their first international tour to deliver a rousing performance.


Street Art in Chile

I can’t help but note that many of the artists I captured seem to have been looking for an ancestral connection in their work, noticeable in the large presence of indigenous features in their characters or overall references to pre-Colombian cultures. By placing that search in the most public of places — the street — … Continue reading

Hiking Cerro Pochoco

Santiago Chile Hiking Cerro Pochoco

Escaping Santiago for an afternoon to experience some Andes hiking.

The Gringo Card

Being a stranger in a strange land sometimes has its perks. While usually the home team has the advantage, there are certain situations where you can pull the ever advantageous GRINGO CARD!

The Coolest Flea Market in the World – Persa Bio Bio

Persa Bio Bio Santiago

A hipster’s heaven — the coolest flea market in the world — resides Santiago de Chile. Persa Bio Bio is an endless cornucopia of treasures from past and present.

Happy Belated Birthday, Chile!

Red Hot Chili Peppers Santiago Chile

Chile had a birthday. I have been so busy celebrating it that I haven’t had time to sit down and think and write. I’ve been on vacation from my public school job in the mornings, but unfortunately that ends bright and early tomorrow morning. During my vacation I’ve seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers (first … Continue reading

Bass-Playing Nuns, Boba Fett, and Taco Bell

Santiago Chile Star Wars

Nuns rocking the bass, Star Wars conventions, and Taco Bell – All in an eventful Saturday in Santiago, Chile.

Free Concerts!

I’m not going to pass up the chance to see a free concert, even if it means sneaking in before they start taking student ID’s. A few of my friends here are students at La Católica, one of Chile’s most prestigious and well-funded universities. Last Friday, La Católica was putting on a free show in … Continue reading

La Sebastiana and Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia Santiago chile

I’ve had time after school to continue exploring some additional tourist attractions in Chile. The last thing I was able to do when my brother was in town was visit La Sebastiana, another one of Pablo Neruda’s three houses. La Sebastiana is located in Valparaíso, a unique, gritty-yet-gorgeous costal city in central Chile. Valparaíso looks like … Continue reading

Gringo’s Guide to Chilean Slang: Chilenismos

Before I came to Chile, everyone told me that Chileans speak in mostly modismos, or slang. Everyone told me that Chilean Spanish is tough. Everyone told me that Chileans speak very quickly. Well it’s all true! I’m slowly compiling a dictionary of Chilean slang so someday all the other gringos that find themselves in Chile … Continue reading

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