San Lorenzo Massif

“We learned to make due with what we had. There were no stores to depend on.” Advertisements

Chilean Students Riot in Santiago Streets

Loud pops, like firecrackers on the fourth of July, permeated the cold August night. Instead of spreading happiness, they spread tear gas and noxious fumes. “Guanacos”, or Army trucks mounted with water canons, fired disgusting liquid from one of Chile’s most polluted rivers at protesters and any unlucky soul who happened to be outside. As if the … Continue reading

School’s In?

My full time jobless stint has finally ended; I started teaching on Monday and I was not even close to prepared for what Escuela Básica La Panamá had in store. Here’s a few examples from my day today: A 3rd grader asking me if I had a lot of sex with girls Another 3rd grader punching … Continue reading

Smog, Gringolandia, and the Coke Diet

The Coke Diet

In Santiago us white people are referred to, allegedly with love, as gringos. On Friday night I went to a little get together with a few Americans, a French student, and a bunch of Chileans. Now I should also interrupt myself here to say that Chileans get offended when US citizens refer to ourselves as … Continue reading

The Central Part of Town and Classism

My first non-US July 4th was memorable as I went to a barbeque at a friends’ apartment. New friends/acquaintances in my new city and my new country, everything was feeling fresh. Including, once again, the frosty air infiltrating every inch of my body. Why not have an outdoor BBQ in winter? ¿Porqué no? The 4th was also … Continue reading

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