I’ve never been able to sit still or stay in one place for very long. I’ve always loved traveling and seeking out the unknown.

  • December 2009: A long, fireside Christmastime chat hatches the idea of a good old fashioned US road trip with my brother. Inspired by my parents and Liz/Peter.
  • July 2009: Road trip becomes reality; This blog is born in feeble attempt to describe that transcendental journey.
  • 2011: I moved to Santiago de Chile. Ever since I studied abroad in both Mexico and Argentina during my University of Delaware years, I had been yearning to get back to Latin America.
  • 2014: Travel year. Saw firsthand many sights and sounds in Chile, Argentina, Perú, Ecuador, and Colombia.
  • 2015 – Present: Residence in Southern Chile in the archipelago of Chiloé, working as an English teacher and continuing to experience this beautiful continent.

These are my twisted words, destiny unbound…

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

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