Revisiting a year of travel…

Hard to believe it was way back in 2014 that I traveled for the entire year. I wasn’t alone in this adventure; along with my partner in crime, P, there were countless stories of the kindness of strangers.

Perhaps a mix of nostalgia, yearning, and isolation is driving me to do this, but I am going to start publishing some of my journal entries from that year as a way to remember, a way to continue processing such a monumental event, and hopefully, for YOUR (the readers) enjoyment. In general, I will try to accompany these posts with organic pictures and videos when applicable (organic? Meaning, mine). Without further babble:

07/03/2014 – Camping Bellavista – Puerto Río Tranquilo

Feeling the exhaustion of the road starting to set in, but natural wonders never cease to jumpstart the heart and the mind; there is so much to see that it’s overwhelming at times. Today went to the famous Capilla de Marmol! What an otherworldly and strange, yet breathtaking place.

Located on Lago General Carrera, the “cathedrals” are ancient calcium bicarbonate deposits, formerly underground, that through years of wear and tear, turned into geological masterpieces. Strong winds and currents crept under the soil; submarine oxygen bubbles were created, and in their attempt to escape, became trapped. These traces are only a small part of the gorgeous formations and textures that decorate the Capillas, circular and smooth on the modern cavern walls.  As ice ages came and went, the lake receded along with glacial recession, leaving the Capillas del Marmol exposed and Lago General Carrera lying between two massive ice fields.


In the Capillas, there were also stalactites everywhere. On the lake, the water was a tropical turquoise color, but in the caves the water reflected off the white marble in some places making the water pale cerulean; Conversely, the ‘roof’ of the caves was generally grayish, brown, some places black, paint-like marks seeping down the walls. Apparently in November before glacial melt brings significant silt and turbulence, the water is crystal clear and you can go diving in the caves! On the ride back got a little wet, and a little hint of the power of the wind and waves…


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